This research paper examines computer safety and security.

1,300 Words (Approx. 5.2 Pages), 3 Sources, APA, 2006.


This research paper examines some of the methods that computer hackers deploy to invade other computing systems containing confidential data and information. Computer hacking refers to the practice of altering the hardware and software or being able to get access to confidential information stored in other computers. The author of the research paper further discusses how computer hacking can be prevented from potential hackers taking some important security measures.

From the Research Paper

Hacking refers to the unauthorized use of someone else’s data or confidential information (Sabadash, 2004). Hacking is not something new in the world of the internet and computing. Famous hackers like Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson went on to invent powerful operating system, UNIX, in 1969. Hackers are always looking for weaklings in security systems of computers to get access to confidential information that may be stored in a computer lying thousands of miles away in some other country….

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