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The whole competitive environment has changed for organizations as they market to the digital consumers. The traditional retailers and producers are competing with virtual sellers who have efficient websites featuring products and easy checkout procedures and they deliver on time. Through the emergence of the Internet, the concept of shopping has changed as a large number of people preferring to shop from the comfort of their homes.

The Internet allows the sellers to create a customer profile as more and more information is received from the customers about their preferences and lifestyle, on the other hand, the anonymity that the consumer prefers is also in place.

The channels of distribution change and so do the branding, which works on the Internet. Thus, it is a whole new marketing concept in a new environment. Not only has the competition changed, as personalization increases so have custom made goods as people order goods that are closest to their requirements instead of settling for what is available. In addition, this has given rise to produces and retailers who provide to the niche markets only.

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