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“The Rape of Nanking” well as the bombing of Hiroshima was genocide and not a holocaust, although the Japanese brutality continued for almost a year in Nanking, it was not premeditated and the aim was not to wipe out a whole race, although the racial Bias was there, but after the massacre life did turn back to normal and people started to accept their situation and started to pull their lives together. Parallel to that, in Hiroshima after the reality had sunk in the survivors started to rebuild their lives, as did the six people in the book, this is an emphasis in that even though the atomic bomb was dropped to fight the Japanese, even non-Japanese were influenced by it. Family homes and businesses are summarily destroyed. Normal civilian life is entirely altered and those who escape death must experience great challenges just to survive.

Both the novels show that war is devastating in whatever form it may occur and with it comes to the brutality and violent tendencies of humans, it seems that as in the case of Nanking there are no limits to the cruelty, however in the face of all the atrocities and tragedy the humans also have the resolve and the ability to survive and go on from the very lowest points of their lives.

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