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War is the intentional use of mass force to resolve disputes over governance. War is, certainly, governance by bludgeon. Ultimately, war is intensely anthropological: it is about which group of people gets to say what goes on in a given territory. This paper compares the two philosophies provided by ancient Chinese Sun Tzu and Clausewitz to understand which philosophy is complete and effective. After discussing both the philosophies I argue that in fact, Sun Tzu is much more Superior then Carl von Clausewitz’s philosophy.

Clausewitz suggested that war is “the continuation of policy by other means.”, as a portrayal, this conception is both powerful and believable: war is about governance, using violence as an alternative to peaceful measures to resolve policy. This concept fits in nicely with Clausewitz’s own general definition of war as “an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.” War, he says, is like a duel, but on “an extensive scale.” As Michael Gelven has written more recently, war is basically vast, communal (or political) and violent. It is an actual, widespread and deliberate armed conflict between political communities, motivated by a sharp disagreement over governance. It’s not just that war is the continuance of policy by other means; it’s that war is the very thing which creates policy—i.e., governance itself.

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