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The goal of this paper is to compare and contrast the various service delivery models that can be implemented in the school setting. The concept of “service delivery” refers to the idea that schools deliver services to students whenever possible within the arena of the general education classroom. This practice of service delivery can be contrasted with various forms of segregated education in which children with special needs have been pulled out of the general education classroom for some or all of the day to receive specialized teaching.

According to Roth & Worthington (2000) the most traditional approach to providing speech-language intervention has been a pull-out model which is when the child leaves the classroom and receives therapy in either individual or group sessions.  According to the ASHA Guidelines and Roles and Responsibilities of SLP, pull-out services are provided to students individually and or in small groups within a speech-language resource room setting. Some speech-language pathologists may prefer to provide individual or small group services within the physical space of the classroom.

Before continuing the discussion of why the service-delivery model is often more effective than the pull-out model for speech therapy, we should define the key terms that we are working on this paper. The first of these is “mainstreaming” itself, a term that refers to the practice of including children with physical, mental or developmental disabilities in “regular” classrooms to learn with, and interact with, children without these same difficulties.

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