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This paper will discuss the similarities and differences between the characters, setting and government and laws. A major portion of the paper will compare and contrast the themes present in both works. Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil and Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World are works that deal with dystopian societies. In both works, the societies came to be because of advances in technology and the citizen’s allowing government and society to dictate their every move. In other words, the characters have become victims of a depersonalized society. Within the overall theme of depersonalization, there are other themes which add to and explain the theme of depersonalization. They are the dangers of the all-powered state, technology and its ability to control people, the incompatibility of happiness and truth and how Soma is used as a symbol.

Similarities and Differences of Characters

In Gilliam’s Brazil and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the characters are concerned with love in a society that shuns such emotions. The main characters in both works, John in Brave New World and Sam Lowry in Brazil search for love, the stakes are high for both men. For example, once John has Lenina at the end of the book, he is overcome with anger and hangs himself. The characters are very similar in both works. They search for happiness in the promotion, physical appearances, such as Sam Lowry’s mother’s plastic surgery and social popularity as seen in Brave New World’s Bernard. By looking happy, the characters do not realize that happiness does not come from outward appearances.

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