Comparative Essay on Cherry Orhard and Oleanna By Chekov and Mamet

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Cherry Orchard and Oleanna are two plays discussed in this paper. One written at the turn of the twentieth century and the other at the end is different yet similar as at the core of every play is the human nature. The former addresses and predicts the coming revolution and the latter though seemingly political is more ambiguous and has some inner meaning about the subjectivity of perception and human nature. Both are discussed with an in-depth look at each play.

The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard is Chekhov’s last play, written in 1903 and 1904 when he was dying of tuberculosis. The Cherry Orchard offers a small part of Chekhov’s world. There is the very old serf who longs for the old regime (Firs); the reckless and incompetent landowners, incapable to deal with the shifting world; the naive; but in the middle of this cast of characters, Chekhov, the doctor and public health worker, most strongly similar to Lopahin.

Anton Chekhov offers a gloomy revelation of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in the contrasting ideas of his characters, Trofimov and Lopakhin, however unintentionally. The Gayev family and their plight are intended as a symbol of the fall of the aristocracy in society. Although the merchant Lopakhin is presented as the character who holds ideals of the new, post-aristocratic age, the student Trofimov promotes the political emotions that will eventually restore both the aristocratic set and the new business class.

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