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A community relation is a very broad subject and there are a large number of different theories about approaching the problem and improving the system and one’s approach. From solving community matters like youth problems and dealing with homeless people to addressing the needs of the minorities and solving the problems emerging from integrating immigrants into the mainstream. The two approaches that this paper discusses are the systems approach; this is a more conventional and tried formula used by the professionals. The other approach is the action-oriented approach, this is a newer and more proactive theory of solving problems in the community as the person tries to evaluate what action has affected the outcome.

Within systems thinking, there are two harmonizing traditions. Influenced by control and information theory, these include Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis, and Operations Research. Another type of systems symbolizes a reaction to the inability of former to effectively respond to real-world problems (Checkland, 1981). The first of the system methodologies are appropriate when addressing problems that are evidently defined and amenable to well-defined decision-making actions. The second system is a more refined approach, have demonstrated effective where human behavior is irrational and in addressing complex or “messy” problems (Checkland, 1981).

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