Writing comes easy and natural for some people where minimum efforts and concentration is required to write an essay while for some people essay writing is a herculean task. Just thinking of writing overwhelms some people let alone writing the entire essay. The common reasons being the tiresome procedure of doing research while searching the topic, identifying relevant information and finally writing that information in your own words along with arguments. This seems like something of a mountain to some people. This article will help you identify the most common mistakes made by the students while writing essays. To find out keep reading.

Spelling and Grammar

Many students ignore the aspect of spelling and grammar mistakes thinking that they can get away with such silly errors. This is negligence as most of the time professors deduct a lot of points on such silly grammatical and spelling errors. Essay writing is not only about coming up with the right argumentative information, spelling, and grammar is equally important.


Many students think writing a complete essay is enough. But the reality is that it is not sufficient. Proofreading is a part of writing an essay as well. Once an essay is finished it is very important to revise it for any possible mistakes it may contain. Proofreading involves thoroughly reading the essay over and over to find mistakes and eliminating those mistakes to make the essay presentable and error free.

Citing Sources

Sometimes students do not properly use citations and as a result are charged of plagiarism. Citing sources using specified writing format is equally important. Always give credit to the original author.  Taking this step into consideration is vital because it can save your academic career.

These are one of the most common mistakes made by the students. These are little things that must be taken care off in a professional manner to avoid any complications while writing essays.

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