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Intelligence and drive are the most important factors that will force to discover new places fuel the curiosity, fill the passion to achieve incomplete dreams. These dreams could be of any nature such as an employee looking move for better prospects, an immigrant for better lifestyles and as an International student for higher studies. Life of an International student is different as compared to local students in new places such as the USA.

I read about summer programs in a brochure from IFS, and I thought then that living somewhere else for a while and having friends from another country would be the coolest thing in the world. I would be on my own and fulfill my dream of having something different. I applied to IFS, decided that a whole year would give me so much more immersion and would make the experience so much better. I had meetings on the weekends about rules, how to survive, homesickness, etc. Then I got an email. I had a host family and flight booked.

It was one of the happiest moments of my life. All the time I was researching about Wisconsin in books and on the Internet. It was more of farmland and countryside. I lived in Appleton and its population was around 70,000 and I thought it was a small town compared to our Manila. There was no traffic, they only had one major mall, and everything was in close proximity. There were days when the temperature would go below freezing and I was wearing around 6 layers of clothing just to keep myself warm.

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