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The article Shadowy Lines That Still Divide by Scott and Leonhardt (2005) is an analysis of the American social class system. In the past according to the article things were quite clear, however, with the passage of time things don’t seem so obvious anymore. In fact, a lot of individuals believe that the class system is not applicable anymore and the American society has finally become classless. But the fact remains that class is a very important factor in the American society and the upward mobility that was linked to the American dream has, in fact, declined compared to the past.

The article mentions that a few of the achievers manage to cross the barrier and move up in the society. The indication is apparent in the 2005 Forbes 400 richest Americans-only 37 had inherited the wealth. The example of President Bill Clinton who through education moved upward from the working class to Bill Gates who was able to succeed without a degree. Class I think is a very significant divide which impacts, everything from education to housing to healthcare and even the social mobility.

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