A doctoral dissertation is essential for anyone who wants to earn a doctoral degree in a particular academic discipline. Doctoral academic disciplines can vary from finance, accounting, humanities, philosophy, psychology, sociology, law, and criminology. Different institutes and Universities offering a doctoral degree require different specifications for writing dissertations be it in Canada, USA, Australia or UK. The most difficult aspect of writing a dissertation is to select a topic. This article provides some useful tips to be able to select a dissertation topic effectively. Keep reading below to learn to select a UK dissertation topic.

Jot Down Notes

Make a habit of making notes as you start your graduate career. Keep a notepad and jot down key ideas and topics for doing research on it. Read books, magazines, and articles to educate yourself more about a particular academic discipline.

Select Key Ideas

As the time for writing dissertation comes nearer eliminate ideas that you do not find very interesting or difficult to write a dissertation on. Select those ideas or topics that you feel more passionate about to make your dissertation writing process easier and interesting. Keep such aspects into consideration such as the importance of the topic and what significant areas of a particular academic discipline you can learn more about, that can help you in your professional life. Determine whether you want to have a broader approach or a narrower one.

Consult other Students

Consult your fellow students about the topic you select. They can help a great deal in determining a good topic.

Ask Professors

Ask your professors about the topic. Ask them about the previous dissertation on the similar topic. They can provide a lot of great ideas on how to approach writing the dissertation.

Be aware of the fact that finding a dissertation topic is itself a dissertation writing process. On your way y, u may come across several amendments and modifications of a topic on a particular discipline according to your level of interest and its availability on various sources.

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