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Children’s immediate concern is how divorce will affect their day-to-day life that children may be scared, concerned, sad, annoyed or may even feel guilty and will act out as a result. Any of these emotions can lead to a full range of reactions such as acting out, despair, regression, displaced anger, withdrawing, or a combination of any of these. When a separation or divorce crop up, the children will be told the “’what and how’ related to telling the children as well as what happens afterward which can often conclude the type, amount and appropriateness of a child’s reaction.

One common reaction to divorce is the occurrence, re-emergence, or increase in the frequency of bedwetting episodes. Children who have the past of bedwetting can have a reoccurrence of accidents after learning their parents are separating Younger children are more probable to experience this, but older children as old as 12 to 14 can find themselves bedwetting again. It is quite common for children with no history of wetting the bed to experience this as a result of the stress, fear and other emotions.

Children feel overwhelmed when forced to choose one parent over the other. Regardless of what one parent thinks or feels for the other, they are both still parents to the same child or children.

Children of divorce have more change problems than other children. About two times as many children in divorced families show symbols of behavior problems compared with children in non-divorced families. These behavioral problems consist of hyperactivity, inadequate school performance, aggression, delinquency, depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety. Poverty has a harmful influence on kids living in single-parent homes. Families are from time to time forced to move into more neighborhoods that are dangerous and cannot provide as high a standard of living as before the divorce. The loss of income seems to account for some, but not all of the problems felt by divorced families.

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