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The article Childhood for Sale was written by Michele Stockwell for Blueprint magazine in 2005. According to the article, children are being exposed to all kinds of advertisements, marketing tactics using different media, from, television, to schools to cell phones. Corporations are always looking to find ways by which they can attract children to buy their products and services. However this kind of advertisement and the methods used are not straightforward anymore, instead, according to the author the way marketing is being done today specifically in targeting children is very troubling.  There should be laws that would regulate the advertisement and not subject children to the different marketing and advertising tactics being used today.

Today children are bombarded by different brands in products like candy to clothes and toys –just to name a few. The impact of this consumer culture is not only impacting the children physically but also emotionally and even the value systems of these children are changing. These advertisements induce children to spend more, this causes a conflict between parents and children as the parents are forced to buy many things which they would not have bought without the children’s pressure. In addition, increased consumption of junk food has led to medical problems like increased obesity. In addition according to the article children who are deeply immersed in the consumer culture also display low self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression.

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