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Just like everything in life, sports too are governed by rules, customs and even competition. Sports are a way through which we are able to connect with our past and have good feelings about the future. Sports acts as a way of bonding people despite their age, gender and race differences. Sports today, instead of bonding people and teaching them discipline and teamwork is causing them to cheat. And athletes have a reason to cheat now with all the fame, drugs and endorsements available to gain from. Cheating in sports is certainly not something new; it has been taking place ever since sports and sporting competitions were first introduced. 2000 years before Mike Tyson bit a piece of Eyander Holyfield’s ear and due to it faced disqualification in the boxing match, a boxer from Thessaly, Eupolus had bribed 3 of his opponents to take dives in the Olympics of 388 BC (Los Angeles Times). Eupolus’s cheating is considered to have been the first cheating act to have been committed in sports (Pugmire). Everyone wants to win and wants an easy way to do it. The way people cheat in sports has become various and diversified over the years. It is…

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