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Plagiarism on the net has a unique position, the structure of internet permits the easy access and manipulation of information and copying of ideas. Today students can access ideas and concepts without being first aware of the actual concepts. And since there is so much information available that it is quite easy to conceal or cover the misuse of another’s ideas. In this kind of environment, it seems that plagiarism is expected. This though does not mean that internet is responsible for plagiarism rather than the message given by this easy access to information is confusing. But for those who are more inclined towards using other people’s work and passing it off as their own as now it is much more easier than it was before, however, those who want to use it ethically can use it too.

What is significant that in addition to a rise in cheating through the internet has led to a  more confused state where the old ethical laws and arguments become quite hazy. In an article in The New York Times Senator Norm Coleman, a Minnesota Republican is quoted as saying “Law, technology, and ethics are not in sync right now”. (Lee, 2003)In the same article Ann Fabian, a professor at Rutgers University believes that “The Web has changed notions of intellectual property, and we don’t have the norms to deal with it.” (Lee, 2003)

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