You may remember some teachers that leave an everlasting mark on their students during high school or college studies. Have you ever wondered what makes these teachers different from the rest? The mystery about these teachers is that they are not so popular among many students because of their strict teaching approach but once you complete your education you remember their worthy contribution in your academic success. This article provides some of the characteristics that these quality teachers possess and make learning easier for many students. Keep reading below to learn more about these teachers.

Good Listeners

A good teacher is always a good listener as well. He/she uses an empathetic teaching approach. These teachers make sure that their students learn what they teach through involving them in the ongoing discussions in the classrooms. They encourage students to speak their minds and express themselves on a subject more openly.

Well Organized

Quality teachers are always well prepared and organized. They are well versed in their academic disciplines and are better able to deliver the lectures in an organized manner such as the introductory part, the main session and an effective conclusion at the end of the lecture. They use task analysis approach for the more complicated of lectures.


These teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging towards their students. They fill the atmosphere with positivity and lift the morals of their students to be keen learners. They are passionate about their subject and teach with optimism. The set high standards and expect their students to do well in every assigned academic activity.

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