A personal computer or a laptop has become a basic necessity for everyone these days. But unfortunately with the increasing differences between rich and poor this technology can only be beneficial for those who can easily afford a laptop. Though, the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project has changes that as children belonging to developing nations can easily afford to purchase a laptop for computing purposes in schools. The basic aim of this project is to provide children around the world with maximum learning opportunities using the internet and the laptop. With this technology, children can easily learn to use computers at an early age. With other essential academic activities integrating computing lessons on a daily basis can develop children everywhere for the future world which is predicted to be entirely based on the use of internet technology and computing. The project can fill the dividing gaps between the children of developed nations and developing nations. They can acquire similar opportunities to be able to compete successfully in the future.

The founder of this program named One Laptop per Child is Nicholas Negroponte who aims to provide laptops to children for a bare minimum hundred dollars in hope to serve every child with rising needs and demands of the academic world. Though the prices have not been officially practiced wherever this program is followed it has provided positive outcome so far.

These computers consist of 433 megahertz and use a flash drive for data storage purposes instead of a typical computer hard disk. These features have made these computers safe and portable for younger children providing all the sufficient benefits of a computer device.

This program has helped decrease the rate of school dropouts from schools in developing nations. Moreover, it has helped young students to keep in touch with their teachers anytime they need help.

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