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The artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century broke away from the two-dimensional illusionary art of the Renaissance to a new representation of art. In the history of western art, this is the journey of art at its basic illusionary perspective which is naive in the Renaissance to the representation of art as something real and tangible as opposed to something illusionary. This reaction can be seen in the abstract and the cubist approach.  In the past painters always had to present three-dimensional figures on two-dimensional canvas, art from renaissance onwards started using illusionary approach to give a new “perspective”.  The modern revolution was against these techniques used to present a certain image. As a result, the artists used flatness which is a way of conveying the reality of the art itself. (Carroll 297)In addition, this art was also regarded initially as something special was contradicted in this movement. This paper discusses the art of three revolutionary artists, Cezanne, Picasso and Matisse using one painting of each artist to see the shift away from the illusionism of Renaissance.

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