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When talking about the censorship in music, it is particularly the genre of rock music which is common to have been censored. Rock music portrays drugs, alcohol, and sex not only in the lyrics of the songs but in the music video as well. Rock music is particularly seen as a form of rebellious music as this is the form it could ever since it was introduced.

For a long time, people have had the debate as to whether music should be censored or not. No one has yet arrived at a solid conclusion however people have their personal views regarding it. The censorship of music is not only a legal matter; it is related to morality and ethics as well. People who have certain beliefs and values regarding this topic will certainly have a different reaction compared to those people who do not have any beliefs at all.

Rock music and nowadays other forms of music always has some topic of controversy involved in it be it the sexual portrayal of women or the use of drugs and alcohol in underage teens. It basically depends on whether people are more worried about freedom of speech or preserving the morality which is slowly….

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