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The history of the celebration of the Sabbath, or Lord’s Day, has evolved considerably over the last few thousand years.  Early Jewish tradition established the Lord’s Day as a period in which the faithful were required to devote their time to prayer and to ritual worship.[1] A complex body of Law and customs evolved in Judaism that shaped not only the understanding of the meaning of the Sabbath but also the practices that were expected of Jews with respect to this particular day.

As Judaism evolved, so did the requirements for Sabbath worship.  Notably, in the Ten Commandments that were given by God to Moses, God specifically required His chosen people to follow these Laws:

(i) I am Yahweh they god, thou shalt worship no other god. (ii)The feast of unleavened cakes thou shalt keep; seven days thou shalt eat unleavened cakes.  (iii) All that openeth the womb is mine; and all the cattle that is male, the firstlings of ox and sheep.  (iv) My Sabbaths shalt thou keep; six days shalt thou work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest.  (v) The feast of weeks thou shalt celebrate, even the first-fruits of the wheat harvest.  (vi) The feast of ingathering thou shalt celebrate at the end of the year.  (vii) Thou shalt not sacrifice my sacrificial blood upon leavened bread.  (viii) The fat of my feast shalt does not remain all night until the morning.  (ix) The fruit of the first-fruits of thy ground thou shalt bring unto the house of Yahweh they god.  (x) Thou shalt not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk.[2]

[1] Homer Smith, Man and His Gods (Boston: Little, Brown & Company, 1952), p. 376.

[2] Ibid. pp. 104-5.

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