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The transportation industry has experienced tremendous change and evolution as international trade and globalization has increased in recent years.  This has been further augmented by the customer demand. This change has impacted the way things are transported over land, sea or by air. In the case of ports, with an increase in ship size and the concept of containers, more sophisticated navigation and communication systems have revolutionized the transportation system.  And even though there are certain limitations to both air and land transportation, the sea also was thought to have some constraints but it appears that ports are an exception. Today a port’s site is not an issue anymore, container terminals are being built on a regular basis, therefore a new port is an expansion of the old one in most cases and the only similarity is in the name. Because of the advent of modern technology and newer systems, containers ports like Liverpool which may have seemed hopelessly outdated have become increasingly popular and have revived themselves.

Ports are not just the connecting points between land and sea they are regarded as a country’s asset, its honor. Ports today are therefore not just concerned with simple transportation, rather ports today exist in a multi-stakeholder environment where they have to be both economically and environmentally sound to be successful in addition they have to cater to a different stakeholder that may include the owners the customers and the local people just to name a few.

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