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What is caring?  And is it an inbuilt human characteristic that all individuals have? Caring to me is to understand other people’s feelings, be considerate and thoughtful about others and in this process, most of the people who are caring in the true sense usually show it through their actions and their behavior towards fellow human beings.  They first think about what the other person would be thinking and display a kind of selflessness which makes them think about themselves after they think about other people. Caring people are sensitive and make their choices and decisions keeping in mind how that decision would impact others and whether it would be good for them.

Although I am not very experienced I think even a child can differentiate a caring person from a person who is more interested in him or herself. The most caring person that I have come across in my life is my father, and I hope I can become caring and sensitive to him.  Since the very beginning, even as a child of four or five years of age, if there was a problem or it was hurt or felt threatened by a situation or a person, both children and adult, I found it most easy to run to my father for help, and he would leave all that he was doing and listen to me sort out the problem and even ask me afterwards if it was ok. People would say that any parent would do that for their child. But even in the case of friends, relatives or neighbors would approach him—they still do— and he would sit listen and help them out the best he could.

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