A Career in Psychology

Psychology is a field in which human behavior is closely studied. Topics such as memory, intelligence, motivational drives, behavior, and learning are part of studies. Psychology is an interesting field because it allows you to study human behavior and relate yourself with other human beings in a particular way. There are numerous fields in psychology where you can pursue a career and make a decent living. A career in psychology can give you a number of opportunities to make use of your skills related to psychology. This article is a career guide to allow you to opt for a particular career in psychology. Read below to find out.


A bachelor’s degree in psychology can allow you to work in a university as a student counselor. University students face a number of problems related to emotions, health, relationships that affect their studies. You can use counseling techniques to solve problems for the students. You can work as a career guide for graduate students. You can guide them to prospective careers after graduation.

Health Counselor

A professional psychologist can work as an assistant to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists prescribe various antipsychotic drugs to the patients suffering from mental health issues. You can work as a counselor to help these patients recover from serious mental health problems. You can help them alter their thinking and behavior to enable them to be functional and social in the society.

Governmental Organizations

You can work with governmental health care services. Governmental organizations such as healthcare departments and non-profit organizations.

You can also work with law enforcement agencies as the criminal psychologist to track down criminals. You need to be flexible in terms of working hours as these jobs require you to work for long hours.

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