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All labor relations regimes in Canada share fundamental features protecting the right to organize, to bargain collectively, and to strike. Each jurisdiction has a labor relations board or, in Quebec, the Office of the Labor Commissioner General and the Labor Court, to administer, adjudicates and enforces laws on the rights to organize, to bargain collectively, and to strike Canada’s various labor relations acts or codes recognize free association and collective bargaining as the basis for effective industrial relations and generally guarantee the right to strike to obtain or renew a collective agreement, once detailed procedural requirements are met. All jurisdictions require that a union have the support of a majority of any group of employees that it seeks to represent in collective bargaining. Majority support is certified by the labor relations board, where an employer does not voluntarily recognize the majority status of a union.

As a federal state, Canada has two principal levels of government with legislative authority divided between them. Both the federal government and the various provincial governments have legislative responsibility for employment law. In practice, labor and employment activity is regulated by whichever level of government has jurisdiction over the industry in question. The federal government has jurisdiction over certain enumerated areas, including shipping, aircraft, railways, radio broadcasting, television, telecommunications and atomic energy. As a general principle, however, the provincial government has primary responsibility for the regulation of employment law and labor relations in all areas not specifically included under federal jurisdiction.

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