Essentials of Canadian Dissertation

Whether you are studying in Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom or The United States of America the standard for dissertation writing remains the same. Some universities or institutes may differ in following a particular writing style but the basic elements always remain the same. Writing dissertation is an important aspect of anyone’s academic career as it consists of thorough digging and research work to prove the main thesis correct based on findings. Followings are the essentials for writing a dissertation where ever you are.

Selective Research

Writing a dissertation requires extensive research that includes searching the topic thoroughly and writing. You look for various sources to find the answers but you only consider those ones that are most relevant and authentic. The deeper you dig for information using numerous sources the more information you will find and provide.

Organizing Thoughts

In this part, your problem statement, limitation section, and hypothesis should be very well structured and organized in order for your readers to understand. What importance would your dissertation have if your readers get confused?

Develop Simple Style and Structure

Avoid using any complicated writing styles. Try to be as simple as possible with clear and concise sentences, paragraphs and structure so that the substance becomes much easier to follow.

Adhere to the Rules

Just like any other coursework fundamentals of dissertation writing also have certain basics to go by such as the citation style, pagination, character size, usage of acid-free paper and color of paper.


When you are finally done with the dissertation writing revise it repeatedly. Just like any other academic writing dissertation writing to needs a thorough revision for potential mistakes.

These are the basics of writing a dissertation. Dissertation writing can be a long process. It can take up to three years to complete a dissertation. Make sure that you accomplish what you want to through writing a dissertation and contribute something known to everyone. Though it is not easy with hard work and determination, anything can be accomplished.

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