Business Continuity Plans

The importance of business continuity plans is highlighted here, as well as the most crucial components that should be included in any organization or corporation’s plan. A good business continuity strategy is required if a firm is to endure any risks or threats to its survival.

Natural catastrophes like a tsunami, man-made disasters like an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) strikes, and human errors like power outages might all pose a threat. Every person and department within an organization, not just the higher management, plays a critical role in the creation of any business continuity plan.

Also, because we now live in a global economy, it would be illogical to confine any activities taken to specific geographic places, it should not be focused on problems that are unique to a particular geographic location. The business continuity plan may contain provisions for operating from offsite locations as well as measures for continuing operations even if the information technology infrastructure is unavailable.

Furthermore, if a 24-hour uptime policy is in place, such as in hospitals, procedures should be in place to allow operations to continue manually if possible in the case of power outages and the like. Additional techniques to protect electronics from EMP attacks are available, but they are somewhat expensive. Another important part of a business continuity strategy is management’s assessment of whether the costs are justified.

Disaster preparation plans are contingency plans that include plans for coping with calamities and essential system recovery, whereas business continuity plans are used to restore business operations.

The business continuity strategy lays out the steps to take until the systems are back up and running. On the other hand, incident response plans are more tactical in nature and are used to identify the elements of security incidents as well as outline damage containment and response strategies.

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