Business writing and academic writing may seem leagues apart to many people but in fact, both share a number of similarities in terms of planning, the use of correct grammar and format, style, the audience, and conciseness. Knowing and adhering to these facts religiously can make a big difference in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in both forms of writing styles. This article provides some similarities that business and academic writing share. Read further below to discover some amazing similarities between both types of writing.

Purpose of Both

Both types of writing must have a clear purpose before the writing is undertaken. In other words, the writer must be well aware of the goals he/she intends to achieve through writing business or academic writing. However, the difference is that in the world of academia the purpose and guidance are instructed by the professor by providing a prompt whereas in business writing the purpose is to present a piece of work-related information that needs to be presented to other coordinates in an organization.

Planning in Business and Academic Writing

No matter what type and style of writing one opt for the aspect of planning must be there in all sorts of writing situations. In academic writing, the planning is done through gathering information through research and organizing collected facts in the form of an outline of an academic paper or an essay. On the other hand in business writing, it is important to know what needs to be addressed before an audience or a coordinator.


Audience in Academic and Business Writing

Both styles of writing must identify the audience before actually approaching writing. In academic writing, it is important to identify the audience such as the professor and fellow classmates. Identifying things like what information to provide to educate the audience. How writing can be approached to make it more interesting and curiosity evoking for the readers?

Rules and standard of writing are as important as other aspects of business and academic writing. For instance, the correctness in the form of grammar and spelling, conciseness where it must be determined what is rational and relevant and what is not and lastly the writing formats to follow such as the APA, MLA or Harvard.

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