Will Burning Qu’ran Bring the 9/11 Martyrs Back to Life?

The Holy Qur’an is the sacred book of Islam and is highly respected by the Muslims all over the world. The recent controversy surrounding the burning of Qur’an by certain Christian rebels is one of the most debatable issues these days. However, it is apparent that the September 9/11 incident back in 2001 left millions of Americans shell-shocked over the magnitude of the disastrous terrorist attacks that suddenly took place. The incident created deep-rooted hatred among the Americans and other Westerners for Muslims around the world. These days almost every Muslim living in the Western society is eyed suspiciously by the natives. The aftereffects of the incident have not died down nor forgotten by many people in the United States, pastors such as John Terry are still determined to wipe off the Muslims and further aggravate the strained relationship between the Westerners and Muslims around the world.

With the rapidly growing hatred and tensions between the foes of two of the biggest religions of the world one question that many do not take into consideration is that will certain retaliations such as burning of Qu’ran revealing deep-rooted hatred resolve the growing tensions between the people of two great religions? Will such incidents being planned on every 9/11 by the members of both religions bring the two foes together? Will the martyrs belonging to various nationalities that died on 9/11 come back to life and provide solace to their loved ones who still remember them?  The answer is a big NO as such incidents here and there between the members of both the religions will only aggravate the situation and may lead to even more threatening and dangerous incidents that may even result in more mayhem and mistrust.

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