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For most of the people, War has become a part of the National Heritage. In the past 10 years alone, Americans have witnessed political turmoil in the form of Gulf war, Afghan war and now the war in Iraq. The Iraq War has affected the American citizen through its impact on the economy, the political arrangements made in its pursuit, and the changes in the social environment resulting from these alterations. The Iraq War is having its most devastating personal impact on its direct participants: soldiers, their families, and Iraqi civilians in the path of conflict. Elsewhere in the world, others will experience the effect as the actions taken by the American government in its pursuit of the Iraq War, and the response to these actions. (Zinn 337)

The invasion and conquest of Iraq took two months and cost one hundred thirty-nine US military fatalities. The seven months of occupation since then have cost three hundred US military fatalities, much like Vietnam. The magnitude of the suffering is greater when one considers the fatalities among allied troops like the British, Italian, Spanish, diplomats), aid workers, and, most numerous, Iraqis. However, these others don’t count in the most selfish estimates of “cost.” (Friends Committee On National Legislation)
The Iraq War has divided the people of the United States. The attack, occupation and ongoing war have brought about the death of over 1,300 young women and men serving in the U.S. military. Over 10,000 have been badly injured. Thousands are returning home with severe mental and emotional damage. Civil rights of Arab immigrants and Arab-Americans have been destroyed. $151 billion in U.S. tax dollars have been spent on the war; in addition, the billions more Congress keeps on assigning, has wrought havoc on the economy and dramatically escalated the deficit.

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