What is Brainstorming?

Essay writing assignments always require careful planning and organization to be able to write high-quality essays. To do that you need to choose an interesting topic which many students find difficult as they get confused as to how to select an essay topic. Brainstorming is a useful tool used by many people to select an essay topic successfully. Brainstorming before writing an essay can help you identify your areas of interest and hobbies to come up with an interesting topic to write an essay on. This article will provide some basic guidelines to brainstorm in order to choose an interesting topic to write an essay. Read the following tips to learn to brainstorm.

Analyze your Assignment

Look at your assignment and find out what type of essay you are required to write. Is it a persuasive essay, narrative or descriptive? Unless you are not aware what you need to do it is difficult to select a topic accordingly.

Make a List

Now make a list of topics relevant to your assignment. For instance, your essay is the persuasive type and you are required to write an essay on cats, what you need to do is to list down all the traits pertaining to cats such as their behavior, their hunting skills and the food they eat.

Make a Mind Map

A mind map is a brainstorming tool which appears as a tree. To create a mind map write down ‘cats’, in the middle of the paper and encircle it. Now think of the traits concerning cats such as their behavior, why cats prefer being solo, their hunting skills and the type of food they eat. Branch out these traits from the encircled word ‘cats’ around it and encircle them separately.

Narrow Down the Topic

Now you have so many options you are required to narrow your search to a specific topic. Select one of the topics that you branched out from ‘cats’ as your essay topic. It depends on the length of your essay. If your essay has to be 10 pages longer than the topic has to be very broad and if it is just 2 to 3 pages than it should be narrow.

Start Writing

Now you have the topic to write an essay initiate writing. Write everything you know about the topic. Begin the essay with the introduction where you will briefly introduce the topic, then the main body with arguments and facts and lastly the conclusion as a personal opinion or suggestion.

Brainstorming is a handy tool for selecting essay topics. It gives you a range of ideas to write an essay on and with this range you can figure out where your expertise lies.

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