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Blood diamonds are also called conflict diamonds or war diamonds, they are mined and sold to finance war efforts or insurgencies or invasions.  Many countries like Sierra Leone, Angola, and Ivory Coast were involved in the trade. The movie Blood Diamond is set in Sierra Leone and depicts the blood diamond trade where rebels are fighting and using the blood diamonds for their cause, Leonardo de Caprio is an ex-mercenary who hooks up with a former victim of the blood diamond trade to look for the elusive Pink Diamond. The movie is provocative and political at tries to bring attention the dark side of diamond trade which was not very well- known in the western society.

The trade of blood diamonds was a thriving business and both governments and rebels were using the trade to finance their causes till Angola was sanctioned for funding war and the UN resolution mentioned the role of diamond trade in fueling conflict. the resolution was passed in 1998, before it, revenues from almost 20% of the total diamond production was being channeled to war and violence, since after the sanction the contribution of blood diamond to the diamond trade has fallen sharply in 2004 it was only 1% of the total production. (Diamond

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