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Scientists these days are using all of the understanding gained concerning cells and blending scientific theory with the skill to allow for progress in healthcare.  This promising field is called Biotechnology.  Biotechnology is the use of scientific methods to change and develop plants, animals, and microbes to improve their significance. Agricultural based biotechnology is the subject of biotechnology relating use to agriculture. Agricultural biotechnology has been observed for a long time, as citizens have wanted to improve agriculturally important crops by selection and breeding. A good example of traditional agricultural biotechnology is the progress of disease-resistant wheat type by cross-breeding dissimilar wheat types until the ideal disease resistance was present in a resultant new variety.

Cloning is a more advanced form of biotechnology. It is defined as a method which results in a clone that can be both natural and artificial. A clone is a population of organisms which asexually develops from the same living being as origin this means that the latest organisms have exactly the same genotype.

Plant cells display an assortment of character that distinguishes them from animal cells. These characteristics consist of a large central vacuole and a cell wall, and the absence of entioles, which help in mitosis, meiosis, and cell division. Along with these material differences, another thing differentiates plant cells from animal cells, which is of immense significance to the researchers interested in biotechnology:

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