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Genetic testing is a field which has started to expand greatly. However with the rise of this field, there are many ethical issues on the rise as well. These issues consist of privacy, the likelihood of discrimination to occur and how this information could be conveyed in the appropriate way.

The type of society in which we live is one which is very technologically advanced. The world is being studied by many scientists who are trying to find out how society and the world are changing and how things within the world work. In the 1980’s, many scientists were becoming aware of the fact that an understanding of biology would become better if they had an understanding of the DNA structure (Mehlman). Due to this belief, the Human Genome Project began which is a project that maps all the genes which are present in our DNA which amount to around 80,000 to 100,000. It also decodes our DNA sequence which consists of 3 billion pairs (Van Ommen). In the year 1994, the HGP (Human Genome Project) produced a man of the human genome (Mehlman).

However even though the map was completed, the project was still a long way to go. This project still requires a great deal of energy and work to be put into it in order to be able to identify many of the genetic markers which are…

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