Behavior of People in Public Bathrooms Essay

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In the article “Interaction order of public bathrooms,” it can be understood that there are rituals that people are expected to do in public bathrooms.  For example, if there is an accidental invasion of somebody’s time in a stall, the other person is supposed to immediately apologize for the event.  And, everyone is expected to wash his or her hands after coming out of the stall.  If they do not wash their hands, other people give them a look of disgust because they did not follow the ethics of public bathrooms. Therefore, it can be easily assumed that public bathrooms help individuals with the external social order that is beyond them because they have their own internal social ethics within themselves.

These social rituals that occur in public bathroom also include ethics when there is a foul odor caused by a person that is using a stall. After the individual comes out of the stall, they will make a comedic comment about the smell if they know the other people in the bathroom.  However, if the person does not know the others in there, they will avoid eye contact and hope no one notice they are the one that caused the foul odor.  Another example of these typical bathroom rituals is if two men are using two enwalled stalls that are right beside each other, they will engage in conversation but will not make eye contact so that they are respecting one another’s privacy.  And, soon as one of them is finished, they will walk away which means the conversation will cease. Therefore, by using the proper behavior in a public bathroom will help and prepare people for the social order that lies outside of it.

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