Essay writing is a daunting task for many students. What creates a hindrance for writing essays is the beginning. Many students get confused in this part as they do not know where to start and how to start. The first paragraph of the essay is the most crucial one as it can either draw the readers into reading the entire essay or just leave it. This article will help you write a catchy introduction as to make your essay fun to read. Discover some easy ways below to write effective essay introductions.

Begin with a Story

You can start your essay with a short story. People love to read stories as they relate to them personally. Beginning with a short story is not a bad idea as it can help grab the attention of the readers. Make sure it is very short, two sentences at the most, and relates to the essay topic.

Asking a Question

If a story is too difficult to write than you can begin with a question. Questions help evoke curiosity among the readers and draw them into reading further. Make sure the question relates to them personally.

Use Quotations

You can use quotations to make your essay introduction interesting to read. You can look for quotations on the web relating to and supporting your essay topic. For instance, “Stats show that high school bullying can lead to depression among adolescents.” Make sure to cite the source of the quotation.

Follow these useful tips and you are on your way to writing highly effective introductions for writing essays.

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