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Carolyn Chute’s of Egypt, Maine is a sad tale of a family living at the edge of the social spectrum, whose existence is accepted by the middle and upper classes with difficulty. The fundamental theme of the book is social freedom: rights and the freedom of the rural underclass since it is focused on the society of the rural underprivileged people. The author has made a name for herself by writing books about the crushing deprivation found all over Maine The Beans countryside, The Beans are the pitifully poor family, and the novel is a series of their depressing, warm or impudent interaction with one another and their heated or miserable meetings with outsiders.  The tale is related an eccentric, blunt manner imparting shocking activities of the clan. In the end, it is a distressing portrayal of the continuation of hardship in rural Maine.

Chute depicts an agonizingly matter-of-fact representation of the American rural underprivileged. She tells the tale concerning what she has experienced all through her life: families existing in sheer destitution, living in makeshift homes illuminated by with Christmas lights, they do what they know best, fighting, and drinking and producing children whose arrival is another burden on the family. The Beans are symbolic of the usually grubby and typically illiterate extended families that inhabit every part of this country. They are the unseen, the ignored, and the undesirable. The book underlines a harsh poverty that disfigures every part of the character’s lives. The reality is cruel, however at the time it is warm and humorous, they are the family that others know exist but are unwilling to think about them.

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