Attitudes Toward Marriage in “Eveline” and “The Boarding House.”

Book Review

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Eveline and The Boarding House are short stories written by James Joyce in his collection “The Dubliners”, even though both stories are very different, Eveline is darker and sad whereas “The Boarding House” is more colorful. However, in both the stories the attitude towards marriage is like a trap. Eveline having a choice between getting married and running away from problems and in the case of Mrs. Mooney herself trapped in a meaningless marriage and trying to marry her daughter off before it is too late for a decent proposal.

In the case of Eveline, she had to choose from two ends, what she was at ease and accustomed with and something that was an unknown to her. Eveline decided to opt her family over somebody she was not certain she loved, Frank. Eveline had an obligation to her father and her younger siblings.  It was her responsibility and obligation to help take care of her family in the absence of her mother. To leave with him made her part of a widespread nineteenth-century phenomenon. Eveline’s longing to elope with Frank shows the different characteristic of marriage. When Eveline made her final choice, her sense of duty to her family succeeded.

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