Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Essay

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There are many psychological disorders which exist today. There are many people who suffer from many of these disorders and life for them is extremely hard. One such disorder is ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD is a neurological disorder which can affect children as well as adults.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a disorder which affects people in 4 main areas of their lives. These four areas consist of:

–          Hyperactivity

–          Inattention

–          Impulsivity and

–          Boredom

The lower part of our brain consists of an area which is known as a reticular activating system. This system helps our brain in being alert and ready for any type of activity. People who have ADHD do not have this part of their brain working properly. The reticular activating system in ADHD patients is said to usually go to ‘sleep’ and hence it does not function the way it should. It is hyperactivity which keeps the brain active and stimulates any type of activity; people with ADHD are affected in this area and thus their brain does not function like a normal people does.

People with ADHD do not have a proper functioning of the brain. Parts of their brain- the frontal lobe and the cortex do not work properly and hence this inhibits proper functioning of the brain.

There has been much controversy as to whether attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a neurological disease or not. Experts say that no evidence suggests that ADHD is a neurological problem. There has been no medical test as such which can determine as to what causes this deficiency and hence it cannot be justified as being a neurological disorder. The criteria for…

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