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Bill Clinton, as he is known, is a married man and father.  His wife is a strong child and woman-advocate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and his daughter is Chelsea.  Before William Jefferson Clinton became the forty-second president  (1993-2001), and the first Democratic president since Roosevelt to be elected to a second term, he was Arkansas’ Attorney General (1976), Governor of Arkansas (1978), chairman of the National Governors’ Association, and former chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council.  (Clinton Presidential Center, 2003)

In 1998, he became the second president to be impeached by the House of Representatives; President Clinton was then tried in the Senate and found not guilty, after which he apologized to the nation for his indiscretions with Monica Lewinsky and went on to enjoy unprecedented popularity.  (The White House, 2003, Past Presidents)

Under his leadership, the United States had the “strongest economy in a generation and the longest economic expansion in U.S. history.”

President Clinton’s core values of building community, creating opportunity, and demanding responsibility have resulted in unprecedented progress for America, including moving the nation from record deficits to record surpluses; the creation of over 22 million jobs—more than any other

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