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Think about this. What if when your mother was expecting you, she had no plans of having a child? What if your father had been abusive toward your mother? What if she had not planned to have a baby and nor was she ready to have one when she was pregnant with you? Are you not grateful that she made the decision about her body and her life by herself rather than letting someone else take it for her who may have taken a different step?

When a woman conceives, a fetus in the form of a human being begins to develop within her. The fetus is a living and breathing human being from the moment pregnancy begins and hence aborting the fetus is murder and it should be considered illegal. This is because it is a form of murder (Ronald Reagan).

Supporters of abortion do not say that the fetus inside the woman is not human. No one is allowed to end another individual’s life and no one has the right to make this decision; not even the mother. No mother wants to see her child die so why would she resort to abortion which is a form of killing her child? Killing a fetus at a certain stage of development is harmful to the mother’s physical and mental well being (David Noonan).

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