Apostrophe to the Man and Hugh Selwyn Mauberley by Edna St. Vincent and Ezra Pound

Compare and Contrast Essay

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The poem written by Edna St. Vincent “Apostrophe to the Man” and the fourth and fifth stanzas of Ezra Pound’s “Hugh Selwyn Mauberley” are discussion of what war is. Although war is discussed by both writers, however, both discuss war from different perspectives. Each view though is similar in discussing the death and destruction that is experiences due to war, Edna St. Vincent’s Poem a short one is how she sees the world on the brink of war, ready for the mayhem that is the hallmark of war.

She has nothing but a sense of deep loathing for the human race which loves to reproduce, creating a large number of individuals which crowd together intrudes on each other’s life, enjoying themselves as they entertain each other only to build more and more destructive devices. To her, its an unending cycle as leaders make speeches motivating the people to join up, have parades to celebrate the soldiers who died and also to those who survived making them heroes. this brings out of bonds and encouragement again leads to bombing humans and using explosives, which lead to ending lives as the flesh of soldiers rots. However according to her when these soldiers and civilians die, human also go through the process of grief accepting their fate and some become heroes, ready to it all over again.

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