It is a writing style created by American Psychological Association. An APA format consists of four parts that include the title page, an abstract, main body of the paper and last references at the very end of the report or assignment.

How to Cite the Sources in APA Format

It consists of citations and references with proper use of identifying author’s name and the year, day and month a particular article is published. It does not consist of endnotes and footnotes. When using this style of writing you are always required to cite the last name of the author, year, month and day provide proper links to the websites and books from the internet.

Format of APA

A page must consist of 275 words with double spacing and Times New Roman as a font style. In the title page, it should contain the header with a page number on the top right and few spaces below a running header. After providing all the necessary citations you put references at the very end with the proper format required by APA. Every author’s last name must be mentioned and then his or her first name initials. When there is more than one author their last name must be separated by & for example (Clarke, A. & Wilson, S. (2009). When there is no author mentioned you can use the name of the article enclosed in the parenthesis for example (“Destructive Tsunami,” 2004).


While using APA style format for writing reports and assignments it is important that you always cite the name of the author, the web page and if in case you find a book as a reference.


The references are all included on the last page. It consists of the heading “List of References” in the middle and then all the sources that have been visited or checked for gathering information. Proper citation basically helps a student paraphrase certain ideas. If proper citations and references are not used the work can be considered as plagiarized by the teacher when checked through a software.

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