Where Angels Fear to Tread by E.M. Forster

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Forster’s representation of Lilia Herriton, Caroline Abbott, and Philip Herriton’s different journeys to Italy present the novelist with a means for removing each character from the Herriton family system and eventually leads them for a stay to the values of friendship and aesthetic experience. Italy has a relaxed system of social values; in compared with Sawston’s staid, Edwardian lifestyle, offer a social way that in the end liberates Lilia, Caroline, and Philip from the Herriton ideology that formerly prevented them from achieving selfhood beyond the interpersonal limits of their abnormal family system. (Harris 17).

Lilia’s Italian experience also gives Caroline with the means for her own growth and development away from the restrictions of her life contained by the range of the Herriton family. A genuine member of the family system because of her Sawston background and her warm relationship with the Herritons, Caroline enjoys her own spiritual transformation amongst Monterio’s people and its aesthetically pleasing surroundings. In Italy, Caroline finds herself, as with Lilia, occupied by the beautiful countryside and the friendly Italians who settle it. Caroline’s Italian experiences revive her artistic self, as evinced by Lilia’s letters home to Sawston: “One sees the Italians unspoiled in all their simplicity and charm here;’ Lilia writes, and “the frescoes are wonderful. Caroline, who grows sweeter every day, is very busy sketching” (12).

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