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The physical layout of the RFK High School reflects the educational idea of the house system concept. The house system concept was designed to provide better quality education for students in the inner city while simultaneously capturing the economics of scale that can be achieved by large-scale organizational structures.

The layout of the RFK High School included 4 separate buildings that contained the AD houses. Each of the houses was joined by an outside courtyard to the central facility that encompassed a library; counseling center; cafeteria; gymnasiums; and, administrative offices.

Thus, each house was designed as a small-scale operation so that each student could receive specialized educational attention and all 4 of the houses shared the large-scale central (common) facilities.


Robert F. Kennedy High School depicting the many problems facing David King the new principal of a deeply-troubled urban high school. A school that had opened with high hopes only a few years earlier now finds itself mired in conflict and dissatisfaction.

1968-1969 The school’s troubles became apparent in the school’s first year. Rumors of conflicts between the housemasters and the six subject area department heads were widespread by the middle of the first year. The conflicts stemmed from differences in interpretations of curriculum policy on required learning and course content. In response to these conflicts, Weis had instituted a “free market” policy by which department heads were to encourage housemasters to offer certain courses, while housemasters were to convince department heads to assign certain teachers to their houses. Many observers in the school system felt that this policy exacerbated the conflicts.

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