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Ever since the events of September 11th 2001, the world has changed. The attack was described by a passerby in the following words: ‘It just went off like a bomb. It felt and looked like hell’ (CNN). The world now and the upcoming one are going to be different than what people of America have been experiencing. America is at war; not with any country but with a group of people who have ability to take away the lives of many people with hesitation. The war which America is being forced to fight is one which will not be easy to win. This is a war which will not take place in various countries. Instead, it will infuse into every aspect of our lives.

The events of September 11th will lead to the beginning of a war; the type which no one has ever faced before. This is a kind of war which will be fought in the shadows and the opponents are such who continue to kill innocent and defenseless people (The Terrorism Research Center). The methods used by these terrorists are unconventional which makes them the most frightening and…

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