How would you react to situations when you can plan your child before it is even born? What if you can decide that the unborn baby you want should have all the positive personality traits such as intelligence, strength, willpower, determination, height, skin color, eye color, hair color and looks? Provided these varying options no one would opt for something lesser than these traits in a child. Several years ago no one could have ever imagined that this fantasy can be turned into a reality. With remarkable progression in genetic engineering, we have witnessed genetic cloning events where animals have been cloned with the help of modifying the DNA structure. Dolly the Sheep, Flavr-Savr and Giant Solomon are some of the remarkable achievements of genetic engineering. In fact, Dolly the sheep was the first ever cloned animal. With this technology, we are no longer bounded to mere animals and plants but the similar technology can be applied to human beings according to one’s desires and wishes.

Religious Prejudice

The only problem standing in between being this real possibility is the religion. Several religious scholars condemn this technology as the work against nature. There several people who can exploit this technology for wrong purposes similarly as the nuclear technology has been exploited up till now. With this technology, people can create the desired and immortal human beings with no chances of diseases or bad gene in their DNA encouraging them to build immortal armies.

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