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The article “Aligning Manufacturing Strategy and Business-level Competitive Strategy in New Competitive Environments: The Case for Strategic Resonance” by Brown is questions and tries to justify the importance of manufacturing strategy in the current competitive environment, according to him the environment has changed and the manufacturing strategy should also change, instead of remaining static it should become dynamic. They argue that there is a need to harmonize the manufacturing side of the corporation with the other areas and operations.

The paper starts off by tracing the history of manufacturing strategy and how it came about by the introduction of operations management by Skinner and how it has evolved over more than thirty years. However, recently there has been concern and debate regarding the validity of the manufacturing strategy and some have even argued it as being obsolete. On the other hand, others argue that an effective marketing strategy is necessary for attaining competitive advantage. The authors assert that there is still great value in the manufacturing strategy and they point towards a break from the mainstream business research for being responsible for creating the current crisis.

In the literature review, the authors show that many studies have concluded that an alignment between the manufacturing strategy and the marketing strategy give an organization a competitive environment. The production function or the operations side of the management cannot be ignored, it is fundamental to an effective overall competitive strategy.

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