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This study explored the influence of the use of GHB and the use of alcohol. The observer’s feelings toward the victim were studied along with feelings toward the perpetrator of the crime in a man-woman rape event. The sample used for this specific study comprised of 198 students from a Northeastern College. Amongst the 198 students, 130 were female and around 80%of them were Caucasian. The ages of the participants ranged from 18 years to 48 years but the mean age calculated resulted to 19. The participants were made to read 4 vignettes in which a college-going female had gone to a party and ingested Everclear or GHB which is a form of grain alcohol. In each of the vignettes, the woman had either ingested the grain alcohol on her own free will or it was given the drug by another male. The vignette continued until the female became drowsy and was brought into a room by the male to have sex. Even though the female victim attempted to resist, she was too physically groggy to do anything (Angelone). The victim would then report the crime to the police the next morning but would…

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