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Alcohol is very much a part of modern society today. Any social event which occurs includes alcohol whereas keeping alcohol in a social gathering should be opposed. It is due to the significant and influential role of alcohol which creates problems in society such as those of health, social and economic. If alcohol was not given the high level of significance it is given, most of these problems would cease to exist. Even though every society and culture makes use of alcohol, there are namely 3 gatherings in which alcohol is limited in its use. These 3 gatherings consist of family, school and in religious events. Experts have a lot of information from research of the negative aspects of alcohol use in these 3 gatherings.

Throughout the United States, people drink at all occasions. Social drinking is something which is very openly accepted in societies. According to research, Americans gather at least once a week to enjoy alcoholic beverages at various locations. What people are not aware of is the fact that drinking alcohol is what causes people to behave in irrational and uncontrollable behavior. Other effects of alcohol include driving while drunk which could lead to accidents. Most people develop an addiction toward alcohol which stems from social drinking.

People who become regular drinkers tend to neglect their responsibilities and not only do they ruin their own lives, they ruin the lives of the people around them who love and care for them. The only way through which the use of alcohol can be reduced is if people …

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